Holistic Hiking & Education for Womxn

Hiking Nutrition Workshop

for women hiker - $45CAD


About this Workshop

Join Renew Retreats founder Danielle Leroux and Holistic Nutritionist Jennie Sokol for a Hiking Nutrition Workshop for Women: Wednesday, October 16, 2019 from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm at Kind Cafe on Main Street. Enjoy a plant-based dinner and learn how to best fuel your body for your next hike!


Healthy hiking snacks at Renew Retreats October 12 Hiking Nutrition Workshop

What the workshop will cover

Holistic Nutritionist Jennie Sokol will share how to best fuel your body on your next hike.

The workshop will cover:

What you should eat before a hike to fuel your body for a hike of any length

The best snacks and meals to eat during a hike to keep your energy levels up and prevent your blood sugar from dropping - without feeling heavy or bogged down

How to refuel post-hike and help your body recover faster, reduce muscle soreness, and ensure you get the most benefits from your adventure

And more!

There will also be time for questions and answers from the audience.


What else you’ll enjoy

Dinner at Kind Cafe: choose from 7 plant-based options

Beverages at Kind Cafe: smoothies and locally-brewed kombucha

Meet other local hikers and ask your questions in a welcoming environment

Recipe book

Receive a goodie bag to take home

PDF handbook of everything you learned during the workshop

This workshop is for any self-identified women/womxn hiker. All levels of hikers welcome!


About Jennie Sokol

Jennie is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, former national level athlete and plant-based enthusiast. She enjoys spending as much time outside as she can - hiking, biking and reconnecting with nature.

When she isn't out adventuring and exploring, you can find Jennie creating new recipes in the kitchen, spending time with friends and family or reading!

Jennie is a firm believer in the diversity of every body and dedicates her time and energy to helping clients and the community achieve their
individualized health goals. Her intention is always honour where people are at, help them feel good in their bodies and live a full, thriving life!

Connect with Jennie by email or on Instagram.