Renew Essentials: Other Items We Bring on Hikes

Photo Credit: Whitney Palmer

Once we’ve packed the 10 Essentials, here’s what we else we like to wear and bring on day hikes:

Hiking Clothes

Depending on the weather and season, we wear or bring:

  • Sports bra

  • Quick dry underwear

  • Proper footwear: sturdy hiking shoes, trail runners, or boots depending on hike. Look for hiking boots that have lugs (grooves in the sole to provide traction).

  • Wool-blend hiking socks

  • Sweat-wicking t-shirt

  • Long sleeve shirt

  • Insulated jacket

  • Cropped or full-length tights

  • Rain pants

  • Rain jacket

  • Note: avoid wearing cotton. Choose merino wool or polyester materials.

Where we shop for hiking clothes:

  • Arc’teryx ($$$): rainwear

  • Eddie Bauer ($): clothing, insulated jacket, and rain jacket. Keep a watch on their website! They often have 40-60% off sales.

  • Lululemon ($$): sports bra, sweat-wicking short and long sleeve shirts, crop and full-length tights

  • MEC ($-$$$): hiking boots, socks, underwear, and miscellaneous hiking gear and items

  • Sportchek ($$): hiking boots

  • Canadian Tire ($): miscellaneous hiking gear and items

While hiking clothing and gear can be a big investment, consider:

  • Buying slowly

  • Buying used

  • Borrowing items from friends or outdoors stores like MEC

  • Start with an alternative: e.g. use plastic bags inside your hiking shoes or boots before purchasing waterproof ones

Change of Clothes

Because nothing feels better at the end of a hike than taking off your hiking boots, putting on some comfy shoes, and changing out of your sweaty and dirty clothes.

Other Items

  • 20-30L comfortable backpack for day hikes

  • Hiking poles: provides extra stability on steep sections and eases pressure on your legs on the downhill

  • Micro-spikes: prevent slipping on ice, snow, and slush during winter and shoulder season hikes

  • Coconut oil: prevent chafing

  • Garbage or recycling bag to pack out any waste or recyclables

  • Toilet paper and resealable bag

  • Caffeine: a bite (or three) of chocolate at the summit is a great energizer

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