Get Renewed: Hiking Recovery Essentials


You may have guessed by now that we think hiking shouldn’t just be challenging or strenuous – but relaxing and renew your mind and body. Whether you’ve spent the day climbing a mountain, or want to do a little self-care on a slow Sunday, here are our hiking recovery essentials to help you get renewed

Magnesium: we have been taking Natural Calm magnesium powder for years. When our Founder Danielle completed an 8-day trek in the Alps last year, she took it at the end of every day to help her sleep and aid recovery. Magnesium can aid in the relaxation of tensed muscles and help prevent lactic acid buildup.

Massage therapy: it may be uncomfortable at the time, but we feel like a whole new person after a massage. We aim to go see our RMT once a month! Benefits of RMT can include: relaxation and stress reduction, improved circulation, decreased chance of injury, enhanced flexibility, and better sleep.

Lacrosse ball and foam roller: in between RMT sessions, we do our best to roll out tight muscles with the lacrosse ball and foam roller a few times a week. We use the foam roller on our glutes, hips, quads, back, and shoulders and the lacrosse ball on our glutes and feet. 

Epsom salt bath: some people love baths, others hate them (us)! But if baths are your thing, try putting Epsom salts in. Benefits can include: better sleep, improved recovery, and reduced pain and swelling.

If we really want to splurge and need some serious R&R, we head to the Scandinave Spa in Whistler. Nestled in the mountains, you can spend a few hours (or all day) cycling through the spa’s steam rooms, saunas, and cold baths, lounging outside, and laying in the hammocks.

Restorative yoga: is there anything better than lying down with your legs up the wall after a long day of hiking? How about 1.5 hours of doing that! We never regret taking a yin yoga or restorative yoga class. If you’re in Vancouver, we love Sandra Stephanson’s classes at YYoga. Classes use props and hold poses for long periods of time for deep stretching. We fall asleep almost every time.

Looking for an online option? Give Jasyoga a try or test out one of these free videos by Lululemon. 

Saje Products: Danielle got hooked on using Saje products for recovery during her marathon training days. Her go-to products are: Muscle Melt, Recovery Healing Injury Ointment (for bruises and scrapes), and Peppermint Halo (great for headaches and easing tight neck and shoulders). 

Nourishing Eats: recovery isn’t complete without some nourishing food! We’ll save nutrition tips for another day, but some of our favourite cookbooks include: Run Fast Eat Slow, Joyous Health’s cookbooks, and Meghan Telpner’s Undiet

Hydration: If it’s been a particularly hot day or strenuous hike, we’ll drop a Nuun hydration tablet in our water when we get home. We love winding down in the evening with a hot mug of: Natural Calm, Four Sigmatic Hot Cacao with Reishi, It’s Blume turmeric latte, or WOASH Revive tea.

Compression socks: another takeaway from marathon training days, compression socks feel so good on tired and sore legs. Sleep with them on for extra recovery power! 

Gentle walk the next day: the day after a long or challenging hike you may not want to move, but we find a gentle walk gets the blood flowing, your muscles loosened, and helps speed up recovery.

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored. This information is of personal opinion only and not meant to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure illness or injury. Please always consult your doctor before making any health changes.